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Operational Decision-making in High-hazard Organizations: Drawing a Line in…

Operational Decision-Making in High-Hazard Organizations This book describes research on safety-related decision-making by operations supervisory personnel in three different high-hazard industries, and features a case study illustrating each: a chemical plant, a nuclear power station and an air-navigation service provider. The focus of this research is unique. Full description

Operational Decision Making In High Hazard Organizations

Pub Date : 2013-06-28 | Author : Assoc Prof Jan Hayes | Publisher : Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN 10 : 9781409474128
ISBN 13 : 1409474127

This book takes a fresh look at safety decision-making by documenting and examining stories told by front-line managers in three different high-hazard industries: a chemical plant,..

Pub Date : 2010-12-21 | Author : اريك هوفر | Publisher : العبيكان للنشر

ISBN 10 : 9789960549477
ISBN 13 : 996054947X

قالت (وول ستريت جورنال): «إذا أردتَ معلوماتٍ صحيحة مختصرة عن الدوافع التي تعمل في عقول المتعصبين وع..

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