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Eight Pillars of Prosperity

In “Eight Pillars of Prosperity”, James Allen outlines the exact qualities we need in order to achieve lasting success. According to Allen, prosperity rests on eight pillars: Energy, Economy, Integrity, System, Sympathy, Sincerity, Impartiality and Self-reliance. This short but powerful book is essential reading for fans of Allen’s “As a Man Thinketh”.

Eight Pillars Of Prosperity

Pub Date : 2005-01-01 | Author : James Allen | Publisher : Kessinger Publishing

ISBN 10 : 0766193608
ISBN 13 : 9780766193604

1911. Prosperity rests upon a moral foundation. The foundation consists of the Eight Pillars, which he explains include Energy, Economy, Integrity, System, Sympathy, Sincerity, Imp..

Above Life S Turmoil

Pub Date : 2007-03-01 | Author : James Allen | Publisher : Cosimo, Inc.

ISBN 10 : 9781602061637
ISBN 13 : 1602061637

In 20 short pieces with the general aim of pointing the reader toward "those heights of self-knowledge and self-conquest which...rise above the turbulence of the world," James Alle..

The Eight Pillars Of Prosperity

Pub Date : 2017-02-21 | Author : Associate Professor of Philosophy James Allen | Publisher : Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN 10 : 1543216137
ISBN 13 : 9781543216134

Show Excerpt s kinds of success, and it is frequently necessary that a man should fail in one direction that he may reach up to a greater and more far-reaching success. If, for ins..

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