Competition Policy and Price Fixing

Throughout the world, the rule against price fixing is competition law’s most important and least controversial prohibition. Yet there is far less consensus than meets the eye on what constitutes price fixing, and prevalent understandings conflict with the teachings of oligopoly theory that supposedly underlie modern competition policy. Competition Policy and Price Fixing provides the […]

The Legal Environment Today – Summarized Case Edition (Miller Business Law …

Based on content required by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, The Legal Environment Today, Summarized Case Edition, 8E equips you with working knowledge of business-related laws while strengthening the critical reasoning skills you need to interpret and apply them. Coverage includes the latest on cyber law, social media, privacy, corporate responsibility, financial […]

Business Ethics and Values

– How do corporate social responsibilities, and good or bad corporate practice, impact on business success in a global economy? – Are individuals responsible for the ethical outcomes of companies’ actions, or are companies themselves responsible? – How do you determine what course of action has the best ethical outcome for any given business situation? […]