The Chinese Way

As business becomes increasingly globalized and China establishes its growing role in the international business environment, developing an understanding of the complex culture is important to anyone acting in the global arena. This book offers readers a thorough and nuanced resource to that end, describing the ever-evolving Chinese way of life circa 2014, based on […]

Fifty Key Thinkers on Development (Routledge Key Guides)

The essential guide to the world’s most influential development thinkers, this authoritative text presents a unique guide to the lives and ideas of leading contributors to the contested terrain of development studies. Reflecting the diverse, interdisciplinary nature of the area, the book includes entries on:* modernisers like Hirshman, Kindleberger and Rostow * dependencistas such as […]

Bridging the Values Gap: How Authentic Organizations Bring Values to Life

Business has a values problem. It’s not just spectacular public scandals like Enron (which, incidentally, had a great corporate values statement). Many companies fail to live up to the standards they set for themselves, alienating the public and leaving employees cynical and disengaged – resulting in lower productivity, less innovation, and sometimes outright corruption. The […]