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Human Lie Detection And Body Language 101

ISBN 10 : 1482040239
ISBN 13 : 9781482040234

"Do you want to know when someone is lying to you? In this book, you will learn both body language and lie detection. In a ten minute conversation you are likely to be lied to two ..

Body Language One Hundred And One

ISBN 10 : 9781602392915
ISBN 13 : 1602392919

An illustrated primer on how to detect and interpret body cues explains how to recognize dishonesty and identify the feelings of others, in a guide that includes coverage of body l..


ISBN 10 : 9780399564482
ISBN 13 : 0399564489

"Wish you knew exactly what to say in awkward social situations? Do you want a formula for charisma? Do you want to know exactly what to say to your boss, your date, or your mother..


ISBN 10 : 9781429988537
ISBN 13 : 1429988533

GET TO THE TRUTH People--friends, family members, work colleagues, salespeople--lie to us all the time. Daily, hourly, constantly. None of us is immune, and all of us are victims. ..

Body Language

ISBN 10 : 9780857087034
ISBN 13 : 0857087037

What does your body language say about you? From strangers on the street, to your closest friends and family – even if you're not speaking, you're saying a lot with your body. Bo..

Telling Lies Clues To Deceit In The Marketplace Politics And Marriage Revised Edition

ISBN 10 : 9780393081749
ISBN 13 : 0393081745

From breaking the law to breaking a promise, how do people lie and how can they be caught? The science behind Fox TV's series Lie To Me. In this revised edition, Paul Ekman, a reno..

You Can T Lie To Me

ISBN 10 : 9780062135193
ISBN 13 : 0062135198

Janine Driver was trained as a lie detection expert for the ATF, FBI, and the CIA and is a New York Times bestselling author (You Say More Than You Think). Now she makes a powerful..