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Business Ethics

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Title: Business Ethics Binding: Paperback Author: K Praveen Parboteeah Publisher: Taylor & Francis

The Oxford Handbook Of Business Ethics

ISBN 10 : 9780199916221
ISBN 13 : 0199916225

The Oxford Handbook of Business Ethics is a comprehensive treatment of the field of business ethics as seen from a philosophical approach. The volume consists of 24 essays that sur..

Leadership And Business Ethics

ISBN 10 : 9781402084294
ISBN 13 : 1402084293

Gabriel Flynn and Patricia H. Werhane This book points to a necessary relationship between ethics and business; the success of such an alliance depends directly on sound business l..

Activist Business Ethics

ISBN 10 : 0387229140
ISBN 13 : 9780387229140

“The truth can wait, for it lives a long life” (Arthur Schopenhauer, German philosopher, 1788-1860) The philosopher Schopenhauer believed in the eventual triumph of truth, desp..

Business Ethics

ISBN 10 : 0415184649
ISBN 13 : 9780415184649

It is no longer possible for modern companies to ignore the ethical or social implications of their business practice. Controversy surrounding such issues as the environment, rewar..

Business Ethics

ISBN 10 : 9781118393444
ISBN 13 : 1118393449

Business Ethics: An Ethical Decision-Making Approach presents a practical decision-making framework to aid in the identification, understanding, and resolution of complex ethical d..

Encyclopedia Of Business Ethics And Society

ISBN 10 : 9781412916523
ISBN 13 : 1412916526

The five volumes of this ultimate resource recognize the inherent unity between business ethics and business and society, that stems from their shared primary concern with value in..

Sage Brief Guide To Business Ethics

ISBN 10 : 9781412997218
ISBN 13 : 1412997216

This guide to business ethics provides key terms and concepts related to business ethics in a short, easy-to-use format. It provides objective coverage of theories, corporate socia..

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